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As the RoyalJet, through our Abu Dhabi and San Marino entities, we own and/or operate 12 Boeing Business Jets and 3 Bombardier Global 5000/6000 aircraft, offering various VIP aircraft services in the premium private aviation sector.

These services include ad hoc and block charter on our own industry-leading fleet of aircraft; full turnkey aircraft management services for VIP aircraft owners; short and long term aircraft leasing and turnkey dedicated aircraft solutions; medical evacuation flights; aircraft brokerage services on thousands of private jets worldwide; flight support services; a full service Fixed Base Operation with newly refurbished VVIP lounge; aircraft maintenance, repair and airworthiness services; aircraft acquisition and disposal services; and aviation consulting services.


VIP Aircraft Charter Solutions

At RoyalJet, we provide various customized solutions to our VIP charter customers – from ad hoc charter for one-off flights, to block charter for more significant ongoing requirements, to dedicated turnkey aircraft solutions for heads of state and ultra-high net worth individuals as an alternative to full ownership.

Our charter service utilizes our industry-leading fleet of aircraft; available in configurations which accommodate between 12 and 52 passengers. The aircraft features unique elements such as full-size bedrooms, private ensuites with shower facilities, high-speed WiFi for screening of the high-definition video, and special upgrades to allow passengers to arrive at their destinations fresh and rested.

Our service includes end-to-end care from the moment of booking to departure from VIP lounges to an unmatched onboard experience, to arrival at the final destination. Our team handles all logistics, including departure to or from any airport worldwide.

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Aircraft Management Solutions

At RoyalJet, we provide VIP aircraft owners with customized turnkey management solutions. Owners can choose a private-only operations solution, with only the owner and the owner’s guests being flown, or a commercial operations solution, with charter customers (subject to owner approval) also being flown and charter revenue being generated to reduce overall costs.

Under our private-only operations solution, we offer various aircraft registration options, dedicated crews, and customer care representatives, dedicated hangar space, significant economies of scale and technical expertise, and unique backup options via our large and growing fleet for situations where special mission requirements arise.

Under our private-with-charter solution, we offer all of the above in addition to access to our industry-leading VVIP charter market share. RoyalJet generates up to 10,000 VVIP charter hours per year, which allows owners to generate charter revenue and cover a portion of the fixed and capital costs of their aircraft if they so choose.

Either solution provides owners with access to our almost 20 years of experience in premium private aviation and in managing a fleet of diverse VIP aircraft. We, also, of course, provide unparalleled onboard service to owners and their guests.

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Fixed Base Operations

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, we operate our own full-service Fixed Base Operation, including a completely redesigned and upgraded VVIP lounge facility. At this location, we provide customers flying on our own RoyalJet aircraft, as well as visiting aircraft and their guests, with award-winning airside and landside services, including private spaces for passengers for relaxing and meeting.

Our elegant facility provides the perfect environment for weary travelers arriving from a long journey, excited visitors arriving in Abu Dhabi, or anxious vacationers anticipating an exhilarating trip abroad. The flow of the experience, the culinary choices, the variety of refreshments, and the ambiance, right down to the sounds and the fragrances, have been carefully selected to produce a calm and elegant space that is sophisticated and timeless.

Our FBO is an experience for people – and from people. We believe that whether you’re traveling private or in a premium airline class, you deserve to have a seamless experience whether you are preparing to depart or arriving at your destination.

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VIP Aircraft Charter Brokerage

At RoyalJet, we provide our customers with customized private jet solutions to satisfy their travel needs regardless of the mission or the destination. In the rare cases where we aren’t able to fulfill these needs via our own exceptional fleet, we reach out to our partners in the industry who operate to the high standards our customers expect.

We have access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, many available on short notice, and obtain preferred rates for our customers. We take great care in selecting the partners we work with, ensuring through our auditing procedures that they meet or exceed our minimum certification and quality standards and provide a service to our customers which is comparable with our own.

Our brokerage service takes care of all logistics and requirements for you, ensuring the solution provided perfectly fits your requirements, including flight itinerary, number of guests, and amenities required. RoyalJet books only the best private aircraft with the leading operators throughout the globe to enable a seamless, comfortable journey wherever you want to fly.

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VIP Medical Evacuation

At RoyalJet, we operate the leading and only true VIP aeromedical evacuation service in the Middle East, and our capabilities are unmatched even in the wider market.

Whether you’re arranging support for an individual in distress, or an urgent evacuation of multiple patients, we can quickly dispatch a fully equipped aircraft to meet your needs, staffed by a highly trained aeromedical team. Our doctors and nurses specialize in critical and emergency care, including neonatal, pediatric, and cardiac treatment.

We can provide aircraft not available anywhere in the market, with up to 4 intensive care modules along with sufficient space for attending physicians and large accompanying family groups. Each aircraft is equipped with the most advanced medical technology, including neonatal ventilators and defibrillators and a wide range of mobile critical care equipment.

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Other Services

At RoyalJet, we strive to be a single source of VIP aviation services to our customers, providing turnkey solutions for their various requirements. These solutions range from private aircraft repair and maintenance; to aircraft acquisition, modification, and upgrading; to aircraft disposal and replacement; to various forms of private aviation consultation.

Acquiring an aircraft can be an especially daunting process to those unfamiliar with the private jet industry. Our experts can guide you through the entire process, ensure you source the perfect new or pre-owned aircraft to suit your needs at the right price, and utilize our highly experienced outfitting and modifications team to oversee any changes you decide to make to the aircraft before its final delivery.

Our aim is to be your VIP aviation services provider in all aspects, ensuring your experience in our sector is seamless and your operation is optimized.

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