The RoyalJet full service Fixed Base Operation, recently entirely redesigned and upgraded, is located at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The highlight is our award winning VIP lounge facility, which has been designed to embrace you in a truly calm and relaxing environment. From the flow to the ambiance, including the colour scheme, the lighting, the sound and even the scent, we have purposefully created a space which will enhance your experience and complement your journey – whether you are preparing to depart or arriving at your destination.

A key element of our vision as an organization is to project the values and identity of our home. As a result you will see that the design we’ve chosen focuses on the elegance and sophistication which the leadership of Abu Dhabi has brought to this city over the years and continues to bring through various landmark projects. We have created a timeless space which projects these values, and our choices of local artwork, historical documents, local products, resources and entertainment on display in the lounge were made with this in mind.

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