• The Future of Airborne Luxury

    The Future of Airborne Luxury

Bombardier Global 5000

The Global 5000 is a super-large business jet with a full complement of new features and solid capabilities that deliver superior office productivity, maximum performance and state-of-the-art technological innovations.

An aircraft that delivers a truly global performance, the Global 5000 is equipped for takeoff from shorter, more challenging airfields, and flies passengers faster than any other business jet in its class.

Providing more high-comfort living and working area than any of its peers, the comforts and features of the Global 5000 are conducive to relaxed productivity. The aircraft boasts business aviation's finest digital Cabin Electronic Systems, high-calibre, high-speed connectivity, a full set of equipment to match your on-ground office, plus on-demand news/weather/sports packages along with High Definition entertainment choices.

With the largest cabin space and the widest cross-section in the entry long range business jet category, the Global 5000 gives you more comfort with increased head room and leg room, and a versatile seating arrangement with ample space to stretch your legs. A three zone cabin layout provides for a true aft stateroom, your own world of privacy and comforts including independent entertainment system and temperature controls.

With every detail that is carefully designed and completed to fulfil your functional requirements and cater to your personal aesthetics and a worldwide acceptance that is testimony to its market success, the Global 5000 is the benchmark for grace, power and performance – a global jet for a discerning global business flier like you.


  • 12 Pax
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • Simultaneously sleeps 3 on full lie flat seats, 1 on a double bed, and 1 on the aft divan that turns into a bed (total 5 sleepers simultaneously)
  • 2 HD monitors (24”) on forward and aft cabin bulkhead with 1 HDMI port each
  • 13 wireless iPod’s placed into the cabin side ledge (next to each seat) – with these you can control the cabin functions and your own personal functions in your area
  • AVOD (Audio Video On Demand)
  • 2 HD touch screen monitors (10.6”) that can be used and plugged in for passengers in 8 different seat location
  • 2 iPod Cradle Bases
  • 2 dual Blu-ray/CD/DVD/MP3 disc players
  • HD Media Streamer for movies (Wirelessly) – Pax can use their IPAD’s to watch movies
  • Audio system including 10 speakers, 4 subwoofers and 1 Amplifier
  • 3D Airshow with 4 Languages
  • Color printer/copier/scanner that can connect wirelessly to the laptops onboard through WI-FI


  • Floorplan RJC
  • Aircraft Registration:A6-RJC
  • Seat Configuration:12 Pax
  • Crew:3 Pilots
  • Engines:Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710A2-20 turbofans
  • Range:11 hours
  • Cruise Speed:934 Km/h
  • Take off Distance:5,540 FEET
  • Landing Distance: 2,670 FEET
  • Initial Cruise Attitude: 41,000 FEET
  • Cabin Volume:2,022 (Cu. Ft.) (Cubic FEET)
  • Cabin Height:6.25 (Ft.) (FEET)
  • Cabin Width:8.17 (Ft.) (FEET)
  • Cabin Length:42.47 (Ft.) (FEET)
  • Luggage Capacity:25 Big Bags


  • Bombardier Global 5000

Unsurpassed in the super-large class of business jets, this aircraft is redefining corporate aviation with more space, more luxury, more technology, and faster transcontinental speed.

Combining the superior comforts of the Global 5000 with Royal Jet's luxury service, we look forward to making your next business trip truly unforgettable.

  • Seat Configuration

    12 Pax

  • Comfort

    5 sleepers

  • Entry into Service


- Color Printer/Copier/Scanner

- 2 HD Touch screen monitors (10.6")

- 2 Dual Blue-ray/CD/DVD/MP3 Disk players (A6-RJC)

- Internet Wi-Fi

- 13 Wireless iPods

- Audio Video on demand