• Beyond aircraft charters

    Beyond aircraft charters

  • The ideal technical stopover

    The ideal technical stopover



Aircraft Acquisition & Trading Service

Whether considering the purchase of your first private jet, or for existing owners wishing to replace their current aircraft, our Acquisition Consultancy can guide you through the entire process – and help you make the right decision.

By conducting a detailed mission analysis at the start of the process, we are able to identify the aircraft types that most closely match your needs. Taking into account factors such as aircraft and slot availability, ongoing maintenance requirements, and interior specifications and options, our consultants can help you find a perfectly tailored match.

Using our extensive network of contacts amongst leading aircraft manufacturers, Royal Jet is able to negotiate the best possible prices, which often include benefits such as discounted spares, preferential heavy maintenance rates and extended warranties. Legal and specialist advice from our relevant heads of department is also at hand along every step of the way.

Additionally, our services can facilitate the sale of an aircraft. Be it through our widespread portfolio of individual clients, by placement on the open market, or by advertising with Royal Jet affiliated brokers, your best interests and terms of sale will always remain our top priority.