• Professional medical care

    Professional medical care

  • The middle east's leading aeromedical evacuation service

    The middle east's leading aeromedical evacuation service

  • Your personal medical team

    Your personal medical team

Medical Evacuation Services

Royal Jet operates the leading aero-medical evacuation service in the Middle East. Our fully accredited and licensed medical team have completed over 1,500 successful missions.

The Royal Jet Medevac service is available to any individual, corporate or government entity that has a patient in need of immediate transfer to any regional or international destination.

Our medical flight team provides professional care and expertise, which includes a detailed pre-flight assessment to ensure that every patient is fit to travel. The team includes experts in the fields of cardiology, paediatrics, neo-natal and intensive care, and is supported by the most advanced medical technology.

  • Medical Evacuation Core Services


  • Fleet Configurations

    Whether you’re arranging support for an individual patient, or an urgent mass evacuation, we can dispatch a fully equipped aircraft within three to four hours of your call, staffed by a highly trained medical team.

    All of our BBJs are equipped with medical modules from Lufthansa Technik, specifically designed for luxury medevac flights on board, which can be installed in various configurations, tailored to your individual need.

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  • Medical Equipment

    Royal Jet deploys state of the art medical equipment, meeting or exceeding international best practices, capable of providing ICU level care which is tailored to the individual needs of each patient on a case by case basis.

    Through this approach we are able to accommodate each patients’ unique needs, whether it be infants or adults, with or without life-support measures and, if need be, augment our capabilities with highly specialised and advanced devices and teams (such as Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)) through our partnerships with European medical specialists.

    Furthermore, all medical equipment is procured and serviced in Europe at either the manufacturers facilities or their nominated service centres. Using only equipment specifically designed for ICU air ambulance transfers, we are able to provide state of the art medical care in a unique environment in addition to our unparalleled in flight service.

    Further Details:

    ICU Standard Patient Monitoring

    ECG Monitoring via 12-lead ECG

    Computer assisted real-time ECG analysis to realize possible early changes

    4x Invasive pressure monitoring (e.g. Blood and intracranial pressure)

    Non-invasive interval or continuous blood pressure monitoring

    2 x temperature monitoring19 September 2016

    EtCO2 (capnometry), SpO2, PI, SpCO, SpHb, SpMet and respiration monitoring

    Electronic documentation and logbook of entire trends

    Devices produced and serviced in GermanyPortable blood lab to allow extended and fast blood tests on route to allow the best possible therapy

    ICU Standard Ventilation

    Modern and multi parameter transportable ventilators

    All relevant ventilation modes are supported (BiPAP (ASB) (NIV), SIMV (p) (v), PSV, IPPV, CPAP (NIV), CMV)

    Dedicated configurations for Adult, Pediatric and especially neonatal patients

    Support of low birth and very low birth neonates regarding very special ventilation requirements

    Specialized Humidifier to ensure a comfortable ventilationDevices produced and serviced in Germany

    Medical oxygen for all needed flight ranges

    Orthopaedic and trauma Management

    Cervical spine and torso immobilization devices available (incl. Halo fixation)

    Possibility of full immobilisation of patients if necessary

    Vacuum mattresses and fixation devices available

    Neonatal care

    Fixed and transport isolates with adjustable temperatures

    Specific monitoring capabilities for neonatal patients

    Special ventilation and intervention equipment and crews available

    Else / Emergency care

    External pacer for implanted pacer wires

    Transcutaneous pacer with Fix, Demand, Overdrive mode, PR 30 - 150/min

    Defibrillator (biphasic)

    AED according to ERC/AHA guidelines

    Thoracic cathetersSterile procedures kits

    High and Very low volume capable syringe and infusion pumps

    Backup devices for all above mentioned equipment

  • Medical Crew

    At Medevac, every mission is individually customised to provide the necessary medical equipment and knowledge required to guarantee the highest levels of treatment. From emergency physicians and anaesthetists through to intensive care specialists and paediatricians, each one of our highly qualified and predominantly European team members has been handpicked by our German medical team to provide you with the best possible care, whatever the circumstance.  

    Furthermore, in order to maintain the highest clinical standards, all physicians are deployed to Royal Jet missions on a case by case basis, otherwise performing the majority of their medical services in Europe, thus ensuring that they are always at the highest levels of international best practices.

  • Medical Coordination

    The on-ground team are available 24/7, and support Medevac with their significant collective experience in the organisation and coordination of medical evacuation flights. Our team will do whatever is possible to ensure that your transfer is completed successfully and smoothly, while providing the highest levels of professional service along every step of the way.