• Professional medical care

    Professional medical care

  • The middle east's leading aeromedical evacuation service

    The middle east's leading aeromedical evacuation service

  • Your personal medical team

    Your personal medical team

Medical Evacuation Services

Royal Jet operates the leading aero-medical evacuation service in the Middle East. Our fully accredited and licensed medical team have completed over 1,500 successful missions.

The Royal Jet Medevac service is available to any individual, corporate or government entity that has a patient in need of immediate transfer to any regional or international destination.

Our medical flight team provides professional care and expertise, which includes a detailed pre-flight assessment to ensure that every patient is fit to travel. The team includes experts in the fields of cardiology, paediatrics, neo-natal and intensive care, and is supported by the most advanced medical technology.

  • Medical Evacuation Core Services


  • Fleet Configurations

    Whether you’re arranging support for an individual patient, or an urgent mass evacuation, we can dispatch a fully equipped aircraft within two to three hours of your call, staffed by a highly trained medical team.

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  • Medical Equipment


    Zoll M Series CCT Cardiac Monitor/defibrillator/pacemaker with 12 lead EKG, Invasive
    pressure monitoring, including Arterial, CVP and PA pressure for all ages.\

    Trans-venous pacing available.

    Minimed III 3 channel infusion pump.

    IV equipment and fluids for peripheral and central venous access, including intraosseous infusions.

    Weinmann Medumat Standard A - Hemodynamic Monitoring.

    Dräger Oxylog 3000 - A time-cycled, volume-constant and pressure-controlled emergency and intensive transport ventilator. Ventilation modes CMV, CMVassist, SIMV, SIMV/PS, PCV+, PCV+/PS, CPAP, CPAP/PS.

    Special modes: NIV (Noninvasive (mask)-ventilation with leakage compensation), Apnea Ventilation (For switching over automatically to volume-controlled mandatory ventilation, if breathing stops) CPR-mode: Pressure-limited, nonconstant-volume ventilation during inspiration time when Pmax is reached.

    Propaq encore 206 - ICU-Transport-Monitoring with ECG (3Lead), NIBP, Oxygen-Sauration.

    Invasive Pressure Monitoring, Capnometry / -graphy; Temperature Control (2-Lead)
    Doppler Device.

    Airway, Ventilation and O2 therapy

    Siemens Servo 3000A® respirator
    LifePort stretcher with suction pump and portablesuction. (Over 6,000 litres of oxygen installed inaircraft, plus portable oxygen tanks.)
    Humidified oxygen as required.
    Medical Air for blending inspired gases.
    Oxilog 300 automatic ventilator – part of the crew’spermanent emergency backpack.
    Portable laboratory Abbott i-STAT: a hand-heldblood gas analyzer for in-flight triage and treatment decisions or monitoring a patient’s response to treatment.

    Orthopedic and trauma

    Cervical spine and torso immobilization devices for all ages.
    Vacuum and traction splints.
    Cook catheters with Heimlich valves for thoracic decompression.
    Dressing materials for wound care. 
    Advanced burn care kit.
    Sterile procedure tray.

    Neonatal care

    Full neonatal resuscitation equipment.
    Dräger neonatal intensive care incubator, with eitherServo 3000A or Babylog artificial respiration units.

  • Medical Crew

    At Medevac, every mission is individually customised to provide the necessary medical equipment and knowledge required to guarantee the highest levels of treatment. From emergency physicians and anaesthetists through to intensive care specialists and paediatricians, each one of our highly qualified team has been handpicked to provide you with the best possible care, whatever the circumstance.  


  • Medical Coordination

    The on-ground team are available 24/7, and support Medevac with their significant collective experience in the field of medical evacuation. Our team will do whatever it takes to ensure that every mission is completed successfully, while providing the highest levels of professional service every step of the way.