• Going above and beyond

    Going above and beyond

  • The measure of exceptional service

    The measure of exceptional service

  • The ideal aircraft for you

    The ideal aircraft for you

The Service

What do you want from a private flight? A certain brand of tea, served at the perfect moment? A private meeting room, with a dining table set for lunch? To lie back and enjoy a favourite film, along with a selection of canapés presented by your personal chef?

Whatever it is, we are here to make it happen. Ours is a fully tailored service, designed specifically around your needs. Your flight is precisely that: your own. We can dispatch your chosen aircraft in as little as three to four hours. And from the moment you enter the tranquil surroundings of our VIP Terminal and Lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport, it’s clear that your experience will be beyond any normal standards, even of luxury airlines.

As you board your chosen aircraft, you will notice that everything has been arranged according to your exact requirements. The cabin is configured just as you requested, whether that was for a certain arrangement of seats, for meeting or dining areas, or even a private stateroom.

And as you settle in, you will see that even the finest details have been considered. The cuisine ranks alongside the world’s finest restaurants, and reflects your individual preferences. We can even provide a personal chef.

If you asked for particular flowers, you will find fresh stems in the vases. If you requested certain music, it will be playing softly as you board. Perhaps this is a special occasion – a romantic dinner, a birthday celebration or anniversary? Whatever the event, we will create the perfect environment and atmosphere.

All the time, you can be assured that our pilots and crew are taking care of your safety, security, confidentiality and privacy. It is our pleasure to create your perfect flight.