• Complete peace of mind

    Complete peace of mind

  • Bespoke in every detail

    Bespoke in every detail

The Policies and Procedures

To become an industry leader has meant that Royal Jet has, and will always, ensure that safety and security takes precedence at all times.


 As one of the first air carriers to utilise the Aerobytes Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), a product that provides numerous integrated features and high levels of automation, we have always been at the forefront of technology and innovation to ensure complete passenger peace of mind. 

Our FDM systems enable the Royal Jet Safety Department to identify and correct any trends that may affect flight safety, and with complete pilot to engineer confidentiality (which allows both parties to communicate without reprisal) Royal Jet has adopted an open environment for flight specialists and pilots to concentrate on aviation safety. 

There is no substitute for having powerful and intuitive tools for viewing full flight-data; and at Royal Jet we possess the right set of resources, which enable us to continually develop flight services. Our Aerobytes FDM tools fully support the all-important improvement loop of Flight Data Monitoring, and these tools are integrated so that the Senior Safety Manager and his team can continually assess flight data using complex performance graphs.

The Risk Matrix, another component of Aerobytes FDM, allows the Senior Safety Manager and his team to quickly and easily identify any consistently reoccurring events. After documenting information in a report, the Senior Safety Manager will discuss these events with the Pilot. The discussion is a non-punitive form of communication, which allows the Pilot to review his own actions, and find ways to constantly improve his abilities.

To continuously meet high standards of safety, Royal Jet has implemented a Safety Management System (SMS). In line with requirements adopted by UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), all Royal Jet staff and contractors have been trained across all SMS requirements. We are also implementing the Environmental and Health SMS – as required by the UAE Ministry of Transport. This new system will help Royal Jet maintain the highest standards of environmental and health safety across the company. 

Our staff also enable us to excel in areas of safety and security, which is why Royal Jet only employs the best in class. Our staff act as a crucial component in allowing us to maintain exceptionally high standards, which means that all members – from engineers to airhostesses – receive training on a regular basis. Royal Jet training also aims to educate employees on how to deal with unexpected situations and crises if they should ever occur. 

Our efforts have been recognised globally and, whether on the ground or in the air, our continued concern for guaranteeing all customers a safe flight will allow Royal Jet to go above and beyond for many years to come. 


Royal Jet knows that any company’s success is underpinned by its assets. Therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure that our assets are protected at all times during any hostile or complex business environments. For Royal Jet, our greatest assets are our clients and their protection forms the core of our business.  

To provide such high levels of security, each individual mission is extensively prepared for. This makes up for part of the pre-operational assessments and security planning, which assesses the key security risks of a flight and formulates strategic and tactical risk mitigation strategies. Our risk tolerability matrix is state-of-the-art and based on a quantitative method.

To ensure state of the art security with global reach, Royal Jet works with the largest security service provider in the world. Our security services are able to provide intelligence and close proximity protection to clients in any hostile environment. The Royal Jet Security team can also arrange for armoured vehicles and professional armed guards for our clients upon request.

Occupational Health and Safety

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Combined Quality and Safety Policy

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