• Your flight, your aircraft

    Your flight, your aircraft


Whatever your needs, A6-RJV offers an unparalleled experience by combining luxurious refinement with cutting edge technology. Designed to comfortably accommodate up to 34 guests, the spacious interior is characterized by a clear, minimalist esthetic style, equally combining geometric shapes and organic structures. The dominant cabin elements were designed by leading international interior designer Edése Doret and produced from ultra-modern materials, such as genuine carbon fiber and special metal surfaces.

This  is the first BBJ worldwide to be fitted with the Ka-band antenna system, a system that allows high-speed Internet and TV connections just like at home, and is the first charter aircraft in the UAE to feature Enhanced Vision System (EVS) technology in the cockpit.

This stunning aircraft sets a new benchmark for private aviation in the world.

  • Aircraft Registration:


  • Aircraft:


  • Seat Configuration 1:

    34 seats, Bedroom(front), 8 VIP Seats / 8 Business Class Seats / 18 Standard Seats

  • Crew:

    3 Pilots, 1 Flight Engineer, Up to 5 Cabin Attendants

  • Engines:


  • Range:

    10 hrs

  • Cruise Speed:

    853 km / hr

  • Take off Distance: 

    6,135 feet (1,870 m)

  • Landing Distance:

    2,736 feet (834 m)

  • Initial Cruise Altitude:

    37,750 feet (11,510 m)

  • Cabin Height / Width:

    82 inches / 135 inches

  • Cabin Volume:

    149 m3

  • Entertainment:

    VOD, Blu-Ray,/DVD, AOD, Audio CD, Moving Map, In-seat Screen, Wall Mounted Screen

  • Connectivity:

    SBB, KA-Band, GSM Phone, Cabin Satellite Phone, Fax

  • Luggage Capacity:

    53 Standard cases