• Your flight, your aircraft

    Your flight, your aircraft


On board one of the most luxurious BBJ’s, you discover luxuriously cabins designed to accommodate a maximum of 19 guests; an ideal aircraft for family journeys.

Inviting divans, if you’d like to freshen up, there is a shower mid-cabin, as well as another ensuite shower attached to the VIP bedroom.

If you need to finish off some work you can retire to the private office area. And thanks to the satellite phone and fax facilities, you are always connected. 

  • Aircraft Registration:


  • Aircraft:

    B737-700 IGW maintained in Abu Dhabi

  • Seat Configuration:

    19 seats,1 bedroom (rear), 4 VIP seats, 15 on divan

  • Crew:

    3 Pilots, 1 Flight Engineer, 5 Cabin Attendants

  • Engines:

    CFM 56-7B27

  • Range:

    10 hrs max

  • Cruise Speed:

    853 km / hr

  • Take off Distance:

    6,135 feet (1,870 m)

  • Landing Distance:

    2,736 feet (834 m)

  • Initial Cruise Altitude:

    37,750 feet (11,510 m)

  • Cabin Height / Width:

    2.16 m / 3.53 m

  • Cabin Volume:

    149 m3

  • Satcom:

    Satellite telephone system

  • Luggage Capacity:

    30 Standard cases